Jirka Schaefer (certified engineering manager)

Corporate Development

Jirka is the co-founder of the Yoosic Technology Corporation and intellectual father of the Yoosic Coding Division Tschitschereengreen. He studied at the Technical University of Dresden and gained practical experience when working for the innovation management for Porsche and Deutsche Bank. This, however, was not enough for him.

As the managing director of Tschitschereengreen, he coordinates the interests of his clients and ensures that only first class and highly qualified work is produced.

Jirka is also in charge of finding the latest technologies. Once he finds them, he often has a crack at them and loves playing with new material. When he likes what he finds and the result makes sense to him, he shares his experiences with the other employees. His passion is infectious and spreads to those who work for him. Jirka recently founded the Django fanclub. Now everybody around him is a fan!

Tina Schäfer

Executive Board

Tina is the head of operations, hás a look at conceptions, development software releases and security.

Ulrike Klöckner

Ulrike is responsible for the Marketing of the company and its services as well as managing portal and web shop projects.

Daniel Fischer

He is the tech lead in the team and responsible for software architecture, technical guidance, system administration and supporting the project manager with technical evaluations.