Efficient technologies for efficient solutions

Quality assurance and quick programming form our backbone. Only if clean codes are developed with the highest quality in mind can we predict how long the developmental stage - including testing and debugging – will take. Due to the fact that our programming is constantly tested, quality is ensured right from the beginning. As a result, the time-consuming Black Box Tests can be reduced to a minimum.

By following the policies of Agile Software Development we are also able to keep the bureaucratic side of things at a minimum. In addition to this, we utilize the concept of "pair programming" which means that we put two creative minds to work, thus, we shortening the programming time in the long term. Moreover, a code developed by two programmers is better through and through and less likely to contain errors.

In order to shorten the developmental period and to eliminate simple sources of errors, we count on Rapid-Development-Frameworks such as Symfony und CakePHP during software development. In addition to this, we use SVN version management. This tool documents which changes of the code were made by which coder at what time. By connecting SVN, unit tests and log systems, we guarantee a quick detection and location of even the smallest of errors. Moreover, SVN allows several programmers to work on different or even the same parts of the project, at the same time

Rails, Django, Symfony - Rapid Development

The powerful frameworks Rails, Django und Symfony, offer an efficient opportunity to put high scaled web applications into practice quickly and effectively. They provide the framework that seems almost the same each time it is coded, but nevertheless has to be created every time anew until the web frameworks are developed. The frameworks do not only provide the fundamental structure, but also subdivide software according to the MVC-principle. That way, they do not only contribute to the speed of development but also to quality assurance.

Each of the Rapid Development Frameworks offers a range of individual benefit that are advantageous for each project in a different way. Excellent knowledge and an encompassing experience with these frameworks are required in order to find the suitable framework. And that is exactly what our job is.