Working in the SAP env

In a new project we are running for months now we are building open source based shops connected with SAP APIs to provide data exchange capabilities with the customers ERP backend.

New Partnership:

We just got our first deal closed with which is Australias #4 real estate portal. Tschitschereengreen is going to build a new core DB as well as data import and export interfaces for their existing systems.

English Website

Due to our new Australian and Italian customers we launched our website in English a few days ago. According with this we will start with leaving the German market heading for even bigger international projects.

Berlin Office

In May 2008 Tschitschereengreen is going to open an office in Berlin. With a core workforce of three programmers, the enterprise will be located in Mitte/Prenzlauer Berg. Many of our clients are situated nearby.

The programmer’s team is staffed internationally and consists of Django- and Frontend experts.

[Update 16.5.] Two enterprises wish to open an office with us in Berlin. As this solution would beneficial to us, we are waiting patiently for our new partners who have to figure out their logistics before moving in together. Therefore, it could be possible that the opening of our new office will be delayed.

[Update 9.6.] In the meantime a couple of changes concerning our strategic orientation and internal structure mean we have put the Berlin-Office-Project on hold for now.

SCRUM introduction

From the first of April onwards, we are going to introduce SCRUM as a PM-Tool to Tschitschereengreen. All our projects will be adapted in 2 to 4 week long interactions. In addition, tracking and monitoring tools will be set up. At the same time, we will maintain contact with our clients in order to quickly clarify minor questions.

In the course of these changes, we are going to enlarge the existing Trac-plug-ins as well, and subsequently we will provide these again as our own plug-ins under the following link

Among other things, burn-down charts, an evaluation of time estimate and other tools to supervise projects can be found under this link.

Facebook/Open Social

From February onwards we are going to create an Open Social/Facebook-App for one of our customers. In the context of our client’s further strategic development, this is very important as he works closely with Communities which are his primary profit source.

Open Social/Facebook allows him to open up internationally and to expand his market position.

An entire portal development

Tschitschereengreen received its first work order yesterday in which we will be responsible for functional coding, Interface Design and conception.

In cooperation with the management of our partner we are going to be in charge of the definition of the function of the entire Roll-out in the next few weeks. This way we will be able to apply our entire know-how to our client’s project.

Business Angel Contacts

According to our meeting yesterday with one of the most important German Business Angel networks, we will have the future possibility to help our clients and especially StartUps, to find their most adequate investment partner.

In this context, we will also support our customers during the consultation and presentation of professional documents. This way we are able to maximize the chances of success in investments.

Project manager in demand

[found] Unit-test advocate and communication fetishist, a person who minimizes risks, somebody who takes chances, team player and primus inter pares – we are looking for a project manager. Within the scope of our further development we are looking for a project manager who could advise us with his technical skills and experience and who functions also as a central contact person for our customers. You are in charge of the realization of all wishes our partners and clients – but at our price. That means finding compromises, adjusting interests, conducting clear communication, controlling emotions, celebrating successes, making mistakes and learning from them.

Are you up to this challenge and are you up for a team without hierarchies, in which every specialist has its own sector and everybody cherishes and uses the competences of the other employees? Do you fancy a constant development and a continuous improvement of your own results? And do you fancy the saying, “What is good enough today will no longer be good enough tomorrow"?

Then apply now under!

Layout reworked

We have recently reworked our web site and activated the page in our new Web 2.0 compatible layout. We put a lot of effort into the perfect elaboration of the HTML Templates Code which is now very clean and which guarantees a cross-Browser-stability in the layout. We would like to thank Arthur very much for his efforts and his many hours of overtime.

We would also like to thank the design team at Sonnenstaub for the fancy new layout.

New partner: SysLab

In the future, we are going to assist SysLab with our skills and experience in the domain of Python, Zope, Plone. The cooperation will kick off with the support of SysLab in ministering an EU-project with an office in Bilbao.

Online portal launched

Just a couple of minutes ago we launched in cooperation with its founders. The cooperation was just great and fingers crossed that this project is going to be a great success!

Also thanks to: Chris, Seb, Arthur – and of course Tina, who made it possible to create the portal within 6 weeks.

Successful project wrap-up

After only 6 weeks of development time we have successfully handed in our current project to our customer.

Some Facts:

» 3 programmers

» 1 Projectmanager

» 6 days a week

» 12 hours per day

»We created a complete web portal on the basis of Symfony

One has to mention that the portal was already done after only 4 weeks and that the last two weeks were dedicated purely to debugging. The 140 tickets could be closed within 24 hours.

Next, the portal has to be tested as a closed beta by the customer. As soon as these are available as public beta, we are going to note the URL here.

Portal development in 2 weeks

In the next two weeks, Tschitschereengreen is going to completely redevelop the Download-Portal Yoosic. We are going to report daily about this blog and we are going to provide screen casts and status messages on the progression of the development. We will start on the 23 of July 2007, the final release will take place on August 5th.


Web 2.0 Portal on the verge of debugging

Having started to develop the portal on the 25th of June 2007, we proudly announce to you that we are currently just about to start of the debugging phase. Thus, we definitely meet the strict requirements of our customer.

New Office

Thanks to our growth we are going to enlarge our working space and we are going to move to a new office in the Waldschlösschenstraße 1. In the end this means, that the address stays the same but that we are going to move to a different floor. Finally, our server ( Mr. Rauschewind) is able to find a new home in the climatized rooms.

Tschitschereengreen constructs a new web 2.0 portal

Today, we received a further work order to construct a complex web portal. This web portal will definitely contain one of the best and most promising concepts of the current Web 2.0 booms. We will give you more information on this project as soon as the first beta of our client is online.

TTS introduces Probel for a customer

In the context of software development, we are soon going to introduce the ORM-framework Propel for one of our customers. The objective of this change is the pooling of all SQL-Queries in a simple layer that is easily manageable, the detachment of the reliance on the database MySQL and a simple and consequent orientation of software to the paradigm of object-orientation.

For the customer, these changes signify that he is able to scale his software further and to make it more complex without huge maintenance and development costs. He is also able to transfer his database into a more efficient one.

New web page

In addition to our blog, where you can exchange the latest news and get to know our philosophy, we created an own web page: Here you can find more information about us, our operation and more information about Tschitschereengreen.