1)Something to think about: the internet: Web 2.0 or is a Perpetual Beta still better?

O’Reilly’s thesis, which he reveals in his article “What is Web 2.0”, is very interesting to those that work or those who think of themselves as belonging to the IT-branch. The topic of Web 2.0 created a large backslash with many expressing critical and rash views. The more people talked about it, the more difficult it became to describe what it actually was.

While some did not forget the basic idea (the web as a Platform; harnessing collective intelligence; data is the next Intel Inside; end of the Software Release Cycle; lightweight programming models; Software Above the Level of Single Device; and Rich User Experience), others, unfortunately, declared that a jumbled-up mix of Ajax-functions would be the quintessence and a guarantor for success.
It is now clear to many that this is not true and demand a Web 3.0 without even knowing what it is they are demanding.

The term 2.0 resulted originally in conjunction with the release management of software development: While alpha and beta candidates were still tested secretly and Version 0.1 and 1.0 represented only more or less a system ready for mass-implementation, Version 2.0 is said to be a perfect version. All functions are absolutely executable and meet the current standard of knowledge.
With Web 2.0 O’Reilly was sure that the internet had grown into a medium that could be taken seriously.

He is right: has the internet not become even more important than TV? The fact that exciting business contacts can be made whilst surfing for fun or serious issues can be discussed on a global scale is even better. Maybe we should start thinking differently. Maybe we should change our thinking and loosen the word internet from it's rigid definition, define it a new and consider Web 2.0 features as temporary functions. Maybe one should not celebrate World-Wide-Wonders such as My Space or You Tube as spectacular marvels, but rather consider them as a typical phenomenon of communicative devices that are constantly being redeveloped and thus daily improved. A communicative device that not only consists of Perpetual Beta, but that is one itself?

2) We've had fun: Symfony – Time to leave babysteps behind and go into Rapid Development

Meanwhile, the Rapid Development Framework Symfony supports Tschitschereengreen with a range of projects. Because Symfony is adjusted to the MVC-principle and is based on approved tools such as PHPUnit, Phing and Propel, it can be used for Rapid-Development Projects.

Symfony is already available as Version 1.0.5. Indeed, its Version 1.0 was considered stable, therefore awkward surprises during the development can almost be excluded. Therefore, we trust this matured framework, which could be of great help during the development of large portals and which could shorten the development time to a large extent. As proven by Rails, Rapid Development Frameworks are the future and Tschitschereengreen is right in the middle of these developments.

3) Participation: Tschitschereengreen offers 24/7 Support

In the context of current developments and due to the complexity of our present projects, Tschitschereengreen decided to offer 24/7 Support in the future in order to enlarge the realm of our service significantly. That means that we offer our customers a 24-hour service and that we are committed to start work on the elimination of the respective problem within 60 minutes.
It does not matter whether it is three o’clock in the morning, Sunday afternoon or a public holiday. Your contact person is always available and will take care of your problem.

4) Room was made: Tschitschereengreen grows

Due to a consistently positive development of our company and the outstanding feedback from our customers, Tschitschereengreen dares to take huge steps forward: besides the spatial enlargement by means of our relocation into larger offices, we are going to expand our team substantially, too. We not only greet our new team members in the section of programming, but also in Human Resources and Marketing/Sale sections. As a successful enterprise, Tschitschereengreen is aware of the key position of the Human Resources department which is not only responsible for the recruitment of new staff members, but is also in charge of the working atmosphere and the further development of each person. In the marketing/sales team, we put special emphasis on staff that are communicative and have a willingness to learn. Indeed, we are very happy that we were able to fill this team to with exactly what we were looking for!

5) Plans were made: Forecast July 2007

For the coming month, Tschitschereengreen plans to make a big push in the development of the Web 2.0 portal and to create a first beta version by the beginning of August. We are not going to reveal further project details at this point, but here is a little hint:
the conversion of data plays a decisive role, which will surely be a significant challenge for us. We, however, look forward to meeting this challenge. Our Tschitschereengreen team wishes you a successful month and hope that your task field is just as exciting as ours!

© 2007 Tina Schnittka