Our credo

Professional web application must be implemented in a neat and object-oriented manner that adheres to the guidelines of Agile Software development. Following the motto, "Don't repeat yourself!", the advantage of object-oriented programming is that objects are created on one hand and classes on the other. Similar information is grouped together so that the properties of a given class only have to be defined once. These properties automatically apply to every object that belongs to this class. In addition to this, they are protected against accidental functional manipulation from outside of the system. However, object-oriented programming is by far not the key to a good code. A developer must be aware of the fact that without prudent recognition of pattern and repetitions in the functions to be developed, the code cannot be developed efficiently.

Pair programming and focus

Pair programming is used according to quality requirements and the scale of the object. In the tradition of "two heads is better than one", pair programmers work together on computer coding. The advantage of this work method is that the programmers function as reciprocal monitors. Each programmer offers their own individual knowledge, however possible solutions are discussed and created together. It is our principle that our programming teams only work on one project at a time. From experience, we have learned that multilateral operations diminish productivity and as a result affect client satisfaction. At the same time we make sure that no one project is favored. The project manager maintains a detailed overview of the project and is generally the contact person for the customer.

Development process and quality

Our company adheres to an exact timetable in regards to the developmental process. We are only able to perform such immense thinking processes if we keep to our deadlines. We find it important to define classes and objects in a concise manner so that no part of the code repeats itself. During development we rely on automated tests and so-called documentor-frameworks for quality. This is useful in that the script is not only characterized by the applied language, the functionality and the efficiency of the code, but also by its comprehensibility and reusability. Web applications and software for commercial purposes in particular have to be readable, maintainable and must be open for further developments. We annotate the code on the basis of Javadoc, PHPDoc, etc. so that we are able to explain each singular class and function and their interaction. This way, the code is strengthened in the best possible way and is made ready for further processing.