Change is what defines our era

Dear friends and partners,

The month of August is a month of change for Tschitschereengreen. On the one hand, we have achieved the first milestone during the implementation of Doktus. On the other hand, we learned to love and appreciate Django. Furthermore, we have also reflected on ourselves as a company. IT-enterprises in particular, must face rapid and significant changes. To undergo and face these changes guarantees our further development:

1) The launch of Doktus: quality meets speed

After only four weeks of development time and two weeks of the debugging phase, the document platform Doktus was handed over to our customers on the 6th of August 2007. Doktus ( enables all registered and unregistered users to upload their own documents online to make these accessible for other users. The opportunity to download all conventional file types online in pdf, doc-, flash or txt-format is, in itself exciting.

Our main challenges were to make data formats available as the main function of the portal and to guarantee quick uploads or data conversions, as the case may be. Together with Symfony, the Rapid Development Framework PHP, C#, or rather its Framework Net 3.0, was employed for the conversion of files.

The development of the project went smoothly, all corner stones were realized on schedule and the debugging phase did not last long due to our quality-oriented operation and the application of unit tests. We were able to close all 120 tickets within 24 hours after notification and we share our happiness about the successful start of the portal with the Doktos team.

In the next couple of weeks, Tschitschereengreen will take care of the further development of this portal and is going to minister the server according to the 24/7 support to ensure a smooth development.

2) Django versus Symfony & Rails – the battle of titans or David against Goliath?

In addition to Symfony and Rails, Django is gaining more and more influence in the sector of web development. Which is good because Python beat the pants off of PHP and Ruby until the emergence of development frameworks. Python has a simple and lucid syntax but with a considerable function volume and only few key words. Nevertheless Python has one of the most readable script languages ever. Moreover, Python enables programmers to put elements into practice with above-average performance requirements in C, or C++ respectively.

With Django, created in 2005, we were able to set up script language for Rapid Development Operations. In comparison to Zope/Plone, more key functionalities are being offered which provide quick results for the programmer, just as with Symfony or Rails. Django disposes of automatically generated back end pages, URL maps that are capable of act via regular expressions, ideal caching and a high performance.

In an online comparison with Symfony and Rail, Django was declared the undoubted winner ( Django is our winner anyway!

3) Forecast August/September – change stays our program

In the course of the next weeks, Tschitschereengreen is going to deal among other things with further developments of the portal Doktus, and we are going to enlarge Doktos step by step with new functions. Tschitschereengreen will also work on the reorganization of our own portal Yoosic and will carry out an enlargement of the basic structure on the basis of Django.

In September, Tschitschereengreen’s employees will attend the first Startup weekend in Hamburg ( Together with other brilliant people we want to once again experience the adventure of the formation of a company.

As a leisure-time activity, a reworked version of our online presentation is being created at the moment. This presentation will be much more up-to-date and adequate for our company. Our layout in particular will be revised and we hope it will shine in a new light! We would like to thank the team of Sonnenstaub who were able to express our philosophy and characteristics in this layout (

The Tschitschereengreen team wishes you a sunny summertime and success in all circumstances in life. In case you don’t want to receive our newsletter in the future, please send us an informal email to

Ganz im Sinne des Wandels und der Weiterentwicklung wünscht Ihnen das Team von Tschitschereengreen weiterhin sonnige Sommertage und viel Erfolg in allen Lebenslagen.

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