What does Tschitschereengreen stand for?

„Tschitschereengreen is a colour that lives in the unexplored regions of Siberia. The Colour's ability to blend into the spotted earth of the tundra gave it it's nickname; "The Tschitschereengreen with the Shit Yellow Dots". The female gives birth up to 42 times per year to several cubs that are named aquarelles. These aquarelle colours spend the first years of their life with their mother.

During this time, they primarily nourish themselves with water. The physique of a Tschitschereengreen is mostly of a flowing nature, though later they become rather dry cracked. During mating season, the male colour dips his rod – the so-called paintbrush – into the female colour and thus creates an immense number of colours. These are often hunted by thoughtless poachers who then treat them as modern art. The paintbrush of a male in rut also fetches a good price at local hardware stores. Due to this, it is almost impossible to encounter a live tschitschereeengreen in the wild. Kamelopedia

Our company Tschitschereengreen sees itself as a modern version of the wild Tschitschereengreen that has more survival skills and is more adjusted to modern life. However, just like the real Tschitschereengreen we are being hunted. These hunters are not hunters that collect colours, but IT-specialists that try to steal knowledge from Tschitschereengreen. Nevertheless, in contrast to the wild Tschiterscheengreen, we are in a better position to protect ourselves and therefore have not had to put up with losses.

How to recognize a Tschitschereengreen?

A Tschitschereengreen is characterized by its surpassing knowledge of its color scale. It is constantly willing to learn new things. It only appears in a pack. Each step, each thinking process and each method of resolution is supported by the pack. Though the pack distributes tasks according to the knowledge of each pack member, they nevertheless counsel and advise each other. There are no Tschitschereengreens that do not solve problems without discussing it with the others. Each Tschitschereengreen profits from the experiences and knowledge of the others.

There are no hierarchies within the Tschitschereengreen pack. Each Tschitschereengreen obtains his tasks according to his skills. When raising the young, the Tschitschereengreen pack sets a high value on perfectionism. We make sure that each new member of the pack is warmly integrated and made familiar with our inner workings. Each newcomer is introduced to our way of thinking and working until they have achieved the same level as all the others in the pack - and then we develop these skills even further.

How to become a Tschitschereengreen

Just like the wild Tschitschereengreen we Tschitschreengreens fight for our daily preservation and the preservation of our species. Therefore we are always on the look-out for friends and like-minded people. If you see something of yourself in the description above and want to join our most rare and exquisite species, then take a quick look at the different job positions that are being offered. If you see something that piques your interest, then contact the Tina Schnittka colour. She in turn, will to talk to our alpha colour, Jirka Schäfer, about whether there is space for a new colour.