We give our best for your best interests!

“An enterprise is not only a manifestation of its product, but a reflection of its employees. – The product itself is only the result of the employee’s "mode of operation”.

This quote could apply to no other industry better than that of the IT industry. Here at Tschischereengreen, only clean and convincing codes are applied, maintained and fostered. However, since this very code is an exclusive brain-product of the employees, and machine support is almost irrelevant, the developer has to meet high requirements. Only the best thoughts and ideas have the right to enter into the process of flawless software development. In order to put such an ambitious project into practice in a short period of time, we specialize exclusively in specific areas of software development. Therefore, we do not offer all services in the sense of a “Full-Service-Agency”. However, in order to create our large portals, we seek contact to other enterprises and partners that are as qualified and specialized as we are, and that share our sense of passion and perfectionism as well as our desire to learn and to provide a reliable working relationship.

We cordially invite you to get to know us and our partners better!